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Our Directors

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Anderson Chong
Managing Director

After spending 14 successful years in the banking industry across Singapore and Australia, I took a leap of faith in 2004 and founded iQuest, an information technology (IT) company dedicated to providing scalable and flexible outsourcing solutions. My vision was to support businesses of all sizes and industries, both locally and internationally, with innovative IT services. Today, iQuest stands as a testament to my commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships and recognition for its ability to provide scalable services that fueled clients' growth.

In 2018, iQuest underwent a transformative shift to a management-operated model. By involving two trusted business partners and assembling a dedicated team, I aimed to solidify client relationships, explore new business opportunities, and pursue personal and professional growth. This transition served as a major milestone in iQuest's journey, positioning the company for even greater achievements.

In addition to my role as an entrepreneur and business leader, I am deeply committed to mentoring and advising others. Leveraging my extensive experience and broad expertise, I eagerly share insights and guidance with companies within and beyond the Journey Together Partners Network (JPTN). Through this dedication, I aim to foster collaboration and build a vibrant business community.

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Pietro Bertolini
General Manager

As a Company Director at iQuest, Pietro oversees the Sales & Operations department. His primary focus is on building strong relationships with clients to leverage the technical and operational expertise of his team. Additionally, he leads strategic growth initiatives and provides a clear vision for maintaining a positive company culture.

Pietro's exceptional interpersonal skills were honed during his time with a global sales company in the telecommunications industry. He was recognized for his outstanding sales record and received the company's Rising Star Award in 2003. Pietro's achievements did not end there. In 2005, he was appointed to a Technical Lead position while working in the UK. During this time, he managed teams of technicians for a large news agency chain's international rollout of updated EFTPOS and core systems, spanning across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the Czech Republic and involved over 100,000 people with budgets up to 100 million dollars.

Pietro joined iQuest in 2008 and started in various technical roles, working his way up to become a Company Director in 2016.

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Mathew McCabe
Operations Manager

Mathew started his career at iQuest in 2013 as a work experience student. From there he has had the chance to work in almost every facet at the company from the service desk, system administration and sales.  In 2020 he was give given the generous opportunity to step up as the Director of Operations and part business owner.


As the Director of Operations at iQuest, Mathew brings his learned skills and experiences to the team and is responsible for managing and overseeing the company's daily operations to ensure efficiency and profitability. This is done through developing and implementing operational strategies, monitoring performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and leading process improvement initiatives. He works closely with other senior leaders to align operations with company goals and objectives and has a deep understanding of the company's products and services.

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