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Gumala Aboriginal Corp

Gumala Aboriginal Corp Executive Summary

"I have found iQuest team friendly, very knowledgeable, quick to respond and offer solutions that work for us. Since we have made the switch, we have achieved significant cost saving in our IT expenditure. Furthermore, iQuest has “virtually” becomes an extension of our internal IT department."


Aboriginal Corporation

Number of Employees


Number of Sites

2 (Perth, Tom Price)


  • Outsource IT department
  • Reliable internet and fail-over between Perth and Tom Price IT cost review
  • Ongoing IT strategy advise and planning
  • Infrastructure support for 3rd party applications & services
  • Engineers with Cisco & Juniper experience


  • Significant Internet cost saving by using Peplink product
  • Significant cost saving in licensing through subscription model
  • Business continuity solution
  • Increase efficient in workflow due to data replication
  • Quarterly management level meeting and reporting