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EDR & Managed SOC

Rely On Perth’s Leading IT team.

iQuest IT Support Perth ‘ provide fully managed IT Support Services and we take pride in being the offsite IT department for some of Perth’s most recognised businesses. Our mission is to remove issues before they occur, ensuring that our clients maximize their productivity. Our approach to IT support is customer focused and unique to Western Australia. By focusing on each of our clients needs we’re able to align technology with the overall goals of the business, in turn, improving productivity and reducing risk.

That’s why at iQuest, we’re firm believers in thorough EDR as a means of monitoring your attack surface, preventing data breaches and discovering leaked credentials before it’s too late.

Through continuous monitoring and surveillance, our Perth IT specialists have the ability to discover vulnerabilities within your entire organisation's IP footprint in order to take action before a breach occurs.

Security Operating Centre (SOC)

Trust Your Cybersecurity to iQuest

While many business owners have the perception that an SOC is unattainable and unaffordable for their business, we’d urge you to consider the cost associated with a breach, the loss of data or a loss of brand reputation. Trust in iQuest’s Perth IT professionals to ensure you’re utilising the right tools for your business.

Our SOC not only has the ability to identify threats, but also to analyse them, investigate the source, mitigate zero-day-vulnerabilities and craft a roadmap to reduce risk. Utilising world-class cybersecurity platforms, you can rely on iQuest to proactively identify where you’re at risk and assist you in navigating the world of cyber-security.

Benefits of an SOC

Recognise threats before they happen

With a real-time view of your security standpoint, we’ll ensure your risk profile is proactively managed in order to prevent and resolve threats.

Protect Your Customers Data

Ensure you’re maintaining trust and respect with your client-base by protecting their data to the best of your ability.

Reduced Risk of Breach

A security breach can be detrimental for a business not only financially but on a reputational basis.

Use The Tools That Are Right For You

Our Perth IT team will ensure you’re recommended tools that are perfectly suited to your business. This ensures you’re using your tools to their full potential.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Implementing a SOC demonstrates to insurance providers that your business has taken steps to minimise potential risks, which can result in lower insurance premiums.